What does “HODL” mean?

Let’s take a look into those strange terms that crypto fans often use.

Today's word? HODL.

To "hodl" means nothing other than to hold a crypto currency, especially during a downturn when the market is selling off.

The term originated on a Bitcoin forum in late 2013, when a user simply made a typo. They wrote "I am hodling" during one of the earlier Bitcoin bear markets, likely hoping to inspire others to do the same to stop the price from going down further.

The word “hodling” stuck around as a joke - first at the expense of the original author, later in general crypto culture. Eventually, it started to refer to the strategy of buying and holding, no matter what, in hopes for crypto’s takeover of traditional finance.

Although it may have started as a joke at the expense of someone who simply mistyped something way back in 2013, who's got the last laugh now? At the time, Bitcoin was only $600. We hope they "hodled" indeed, because at its peak it was more than 100 times more valuable.

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