What is Metamask?

Metamask is a browser extension and mobile app that acts as a wallet for crypto tokens that are based on Ethereum or compatible protocols. In plain English, that means you can accept, hold, and send almost everything with Metamask.

But what’s even cooler? Many websites, for example Uniswap, directly integrate with it, so as soon as you want to, say, swap a Token, a dialog pops up to connect Metamask. No need to deal with weird wallet addresses or separate logins and passwords.

You can set up your own Metamask wallet by going to and following their instructions. Make sure you print out your recovery phrase and put it in a safe place - don’t be one of those people who lost their crypto passwords.

If you want to add an altcoin, simply Google its name plus Metamask and you’ll likely find easy descriptions of how to integrate both.

Then you could send yourself tokens from your Coinbase account for example, so the wallet is funded. The crypto world is your oyster!

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