What is Amp (AMP)?

Amp is a token created by the payment start-up, Flexa, that offers fast and efficient transactions in any cryptocurrency by using its native token to settle transactions while the original one is processed more slowly. The outcome of this is that dApps that use $AMP can operate more quickly while the rest of the transaction "catches up". The Amp provides the same real-time service that large companies provide: "clearing" transactions so you can instantly swipe your card and purchase a coffee as an example. $AMP is the native currency and exists on the Ethereum blockchain.
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In a future where cryptocurrencies are widely accepted, there need to be ways to quickly indicate to individuals that their payments have been accepted. For this future to occur, there need to be tokens and services like $Amp and Flexa that focus on bringing this future to life. We believe that fast and secure payments will be the way of the future and $Amp is hoping to provide just that.

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What makes Amp special?
Amp is a powered by, uses to validate transactions, and is. Amp does not support.

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Amp is able to clear payments so quickly by reserving $Amp tokens in locked vaults, called escrow, until the original coins settle.


Amp tokens are built only for the Ethereum blockchain.


Amp helps transactions happen more efficiently and quickly by clearing payments while the original coins move.

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