What is Binance USD (BUSD)?

The $BUSD coin directly and always reflects the value of $1 - its stable value is what makes this a stablecoin. The token was created by Binance, one of the largest exchanges for buying and holding cryptocurrencies. Since prices of cryptocurrencies fluctuate so much, many investors look at coins like $BUSD as a way to stabilize their portfolio. The token is backed 1:1 with the United States Dollar, is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services & audited monthly.
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Stablecoins, like BUSD, allow holders to use their dollars on the blockchain. While the value of these stablecoins does not change, the amount of reasons someone might want a stable coin are only growing. Current popular use cases include: moving dollars instantly without the delays of today’s financial system, earning interest on deposited coins & using the coins as payments for goods and services.

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What makes Binance USD special?
Binance USD is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. Binance USD also supports.

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Binance USD is one of the most prominent stablecoins in the market today.


Owners of stablecoins, like BUSD, can use their coins as digital dollars on the blockchain


BUSD was created by Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world

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