What is Decred (DCR)?

Decred tries to protect the balance between miners and holders. To accomplish this they have a hybrid consensus mechanism. To ensure a secure system, each transaction must be confirmed by miners (Proof-of-Work). This confirmation must then be validated by holders of Decred coins (Proof-of-Stake). Users who stake their DCR can also vote for developments of the Credred blockchain.
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Our take on Decred

Blockchains which get validated by the Proof-of-Work method are at risk of a 51% attack. That occurs when a single person or group of people gains control of over 50% of a blockchain's power of validating transactions. To prevent this, all transactions in the Decred blockchain must be verified by the holders of the Decred coin (Proof-of-Stake). This is a reasonable method to prevent miners from becoming too powerful. Nevertheless, it should be questioned whether this complex construct is really necessary or whether a blockchain with only a Proof-of-Stake method does not also fulfill this purpose.

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What makes Decred special?
Decred is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. Decred does not support.

Interesting facts about Decred

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Decred implemented the Lightning network to enable the blockchain to scale.


Politeia is the governance platform for decisions on the Decred network. All users can propose changes and vote for changes.


Its hybrid consensus mechanism combines Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake to balance the power between miners and users.

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Community matters for projects like Decred, because an active community drives the development of use cases for a blockchain project. The more people are active, the better to have healthy discussions and create something valuable.
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