What is Filecoin (FIL)?

Filecoin and the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) make up the most popular decentralized data storage provider. When we say data is “in the cloud” we mean that data is stored and controlled by just a handful of big, centralized companies. This means these companies dictate the prices you pay to access the data, who can access it and in what way. Filecoin solves this problem by creating a “cloud” on the blockchain that is owned by individuals just like you. To access your data on Filecoin, you search to see who has it and pay the market price for access - all peer-to-peer
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Our take on Filecoin

Filecoin creates a true market around data storage. To store data on the blockchain, you solicit bids from storage providers and can see all their prices - you choose where you want to store it. To access your data, you take a similar approach and gather prices from all the provider options. You should think of Filecoin as “the People’s Cloud” and understand that you’re putting your trust in the hands of the Filecoin community rather than a centralized company to protect your data.

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What makes Filecoin special?
Filecoin is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. Filecoin also supports.

Interesting facts about Filecoin

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Data storage providers compete with each other to offer you access to your data as quickly as possible.


To access your data, you pay a local data storage provider in $FIL based on market demand.


Filecoin allows individuals to own and manage their own data instead of large companies.

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Community matters for projects like Filecoin, because an active community drives the development of use cases for a blockchain project. The more people are active, the better to have healthy discussions and create something valuable.
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