What is Gala (GALA)?

Gala Games is a gaming studio for play to earn games. This means that they create a variety of games in which you can earn Gala tokens for playing. You can then use those tokens to buy NFTs on the NFT marketplace included on the website. Currently, Gala Games transactions are still running on Ethereum. To avoid the high gas fees and to give the Gala token a more scalable infrastructure, the team is working on a Gala Games specific sidechain.
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There are already several crypto games, but most of them focus on earning and were not able to create an entertaining game. With a founding team that created the gaming studio Zynga and the game FarmVille, Gala Games brings the expertise to create viral games. A look at the website of Gala Games already shows a variety of exciting looking games. One major drawback is that the games run on the Ethereum main chain and thus incur high gas fees. Therefore, they are planning a side chain to reduce costs. The general public, who do not want to pay high costs, must therefore still wait for this.

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Gala is a powered by, uses to validate transactions, and is. Gala also supports.

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With these you can buy NFTs on the internal NFT marketplace, which you can then use in the games.


You can earn Gala Tokens by playing games.


Gala Games is a gaming studio for play to earn games.

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4 mo. ago

Before I heard about Gala Games for the first time, I only knew Axie Inifinity as the only crypto game. Gala Games has a very experienced team from the gaming sector and manages to bring entertaining games into the crypto space (unlike Axie Infinity). I have now played Town Star and it seems like an improved version of Farm Ville. I'm excited to see the other games the team is currently developing.


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