What is HEX (HEX)?

HEX is a cryptocurrency that aims to create the Certificate of Deposit (CD) of the future. A Certificate of Deposit rewards investors for locking their money for a specific period of time - HEX does the same thing, but offers much higher rewards. The rewards you earn for staking, or locking, your HEX is shown as an Annual Percentage Yield (APY), similar to a modern savings account. HEX is fully programmable and compatible with the broader Ethereum ecosystem.
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Because the HEX smart contract controls the supply reward rate, when more people stake their coins, the rewards increase; however, if more people unlock or sell their coins, the rewards decrease. Many projects & cryptocurrencies try to inventivize token holders to use their product by offering unusually high rewards which makes HEX's "x-factor" less impressive. Furthermore, much of the cryptocommunity has written off this project for fear that it is a scam and worry that its founder architected this as a means to amass a large personal fortune.

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What makes HEX special?
HEX is a powered by, uses to validate transactions, and is. HEX also supports.

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The HEX smart-contract incentivizes holding for longer and disincentivizes selling early.


To earn interest in $HEX, holders have to lock their holdings for a period of time via staking.


HEX offers a Certificates of Deposit on the blockchain.

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Negative review
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4 mo. ago

This feels like a greater fools scheme. The assumption is the value will increase if enough people invest but aside from that there is zero intrinsic value as the currency is not used for anything.


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