What is NEAR Protocol (NEAR)?

The Near protocol is a blockchain that allows developers to build products and services on top of it similar to how they might build on a provider like Amazon Web Services. Near brands itself as a community as well as a platform, bringing together community members that maintain the network and developers who use it to build. The protocol is certified carbon-neutral by South Pole.
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Similar to Ethereum, the NEAR protocol is another general-purpose blockchain that is hoping to attract developers to build products and services on top of it. One interesting angel for the NEAR team is that they have been verified as carbon-neutral which is likely to improve public opinion of the project. Additionally, they've followed the lead of a few other projects, such as Celo, by creating an investing arm that helps new entrepreneurs develop on their blockchain.

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What makes NEAR Protocol special?
NEAR Protocol is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. NEAR Protocol also supports.

Interesting facts about NEAR Protocol

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The NEAR platform uses $NEAR tokens to pay for services as well as reward validators.


NEAR will eventually compete with today's cloud computing providers.


NEAR is a blockchain that developers and entrepreneurs can build products on.

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NEAR Protocol
Positive review
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2 mo. ago

NEAR has a very strong technical foundation that is starting to show its true potential as more than a competitor to Solana. NEAR's team, community, and support for developers make a strong case that it could be one of the top general-purpose chains in the years to come.


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Community matters for projects like NEAR Protocol, because an active community drives the development of use cases for a blockchain project. The more people are active, the better to have healthy discussions and create something valuable.
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