What is Tether (USDT)?

Tether is a stable coin, meaning that its value closely follows that of a real-world currency. 1 Tether is always worth 1 US Dollar. This makes it a very useful crypto currency to do everyday transactions with, because it doesn’t fluctuate in price. Tether is the largest stable coin by market capitalization.
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Tether is likely much less stable than the creators would like you to think. Tether has been sued by multiple US government agencies for allegedly misrepresenting how much they actually hold in reserve. That means the company could run out of money if many people want to exchange Tether back to cash. But we like the versatility of Tether as a payment method. It has the ability to operate on multiple different blockchains at the same time, including Bitcoin, Ethereum or Solana. That means payments work between blockchains, which is like sending money from your Paypal to a friend’s Venmo.

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What makes Tether special?
Tether is a powered by, uses to validate transactions, and is. Tether does not support.

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Only 3% of Tether is actually backed by cash.


Tether has been criticized and sued for the company's intransparency about the assets that actually back it.


Tether is the largest stable coin and widely used to send money around.

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4 mo. ago

I wouldn't park my money in Tether. The company is really shady about telling everyone how "stable" those investments actually are. Do yourself a favor and check out the Wikipedia article for another source. There are a bunch of alternatives out there. USDC comes to mind, which is fully backed by cash and audited. Or if you care about minimal transaction costs, Celo USD.


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