What is Theta Fuel (TFUEL)?

Theta is a user-powered, decentralized video distribution network built on the Theta Network blockchain. It aims to increase video streaming quality and compensate users who contribute computing power and bandwidth resources for video streams. Its value proposition is to reduce the cost of content delivery networks by effectively creating a peer-to-peer mesh network of shared content and solving the "last-mile" delivery problem, which is the main bottleneck for traditional content delivery. TFUEL is the operational token used for executing transactions.
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Theta's future looks bright. This initiative is well-funded and has significant partnerships with industry leaders and advisors. Theta is confident that its decentralized streaming platform can effectively reduce data packet round trip time while improving overall delivery quality. Using the Theta platform can help content providers reduce bandwidth costs and improve distribution efficiency, making more innovation and new business models possible since video platforms no longer need to invest in expensive infrastructure. Doing so can help make the next generation of streaming a reality.

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What makes Theta Fuel special?
Theta Fuel is a on its own, uses to validate transactions, and is. Theta Fuel also supports.

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Following the initial 5 billion TFUEL distribution, the TFUEL pool will grow at a 5% annual rate.


THETA EdgeCast is the first decentralized video streaming Dapp built on THETA's native blockchain technology.


Theta is based on a two-token system. The governance token, THETA, and the operational token, TFUEL.

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